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Romantikhotel Böglerhof
Familie Duftner
Nr. 166, 6236 Alpbach,
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Romantik Hotel Böglerhof

Your Host

The Duftner family would like to introduce ourselves. Hospitality and tradition - Our family is now in its 3rd generation of cordially hosting guests from around the world.

In the Böglerhof you can feel our proud history in every corner. From the age of silver mining, to Andreas Hofer, to the Duftner Family.The name Bögler stands for a bow-maker who once had his workshop here. In the beginning of the 15th century the house was a varlets court and belonged to the empire of the Fugger family. The wine cellar and the Fugger room originate from this period. These were the silver days of the Alpbachtal - but once inexpensive silver began to be imported from the New World, the varlets moved away and only poor mountain farmers were left, and the "Bowman - Bögler" became an inn. In 1809 history came knocking again - in the Tyrolean war of Liberation led by Andreas Hofer against Bavaria and the French. Today in the Böglerhof there is a letter from Hofer at Sandwirt, carefully preserved, that Andreas Hofer had addressed to a Mr. "Pögler" in Alpbach, in which he prompted the residents of Alpbach to take up arms as well. After the tragic end of the revolt, the historical account lists only local events and the eternally unchanging status of country life: Births, baptisms, weddings, gravestones, good harvests and poor .. until the year 1933, when the young and dedicated wine dealer, Alfons Moser, bought the Böglerwirt at auction. Thus began a story of success which has continued with the Duftner family and is still going on.

Family Duftner Michaela & Johannes mit Julia und Alexander

What is the origin of things at the Böglerhof?

1933 Take over of the desolate inn
1936 Thomas Wolfe, American author, writing and drinking in the Böglerhof
1936 Building the first outdoor swimming pool of wood. There were major complaints from the Bishop at that time - and so the pool was converted into a duck pond, and then later was re-activated.
1937 First ski lift built at the Böglerfeld by Alfons Moser
1937 Lady Vernay, the first English lady came to Alpbah - informed by an advertisement by Helene Keiler in England. She went to a travel agent in Innsbruck looking for a typical farmstead with inn. Alfons Moser was driving by in his car at that time and took Lady Vernay along; thus developed a family friendship that lasted for generations - via the schools in Frensham Heights, Malborough and Sevenoaks and their teachers. Even Major Ingham passed through these schools to Alpbach and after founding his travel agency, Alpbach became one of the first Austrian destinations. Since then, Englishmen have been among the most loyal guests in the Alpbach.
1945 Founding of the Austrian College, which is called today the European Forum.
1950 Major fire burned nearly the entire operation and the farm. Only the tower and the Fugger room were spared. Rebuilding with the assistance of the entire town.
1950 Reopening
1960 First chair lift to the Wiedersbergerhorn and founding of the Ski Lift Association
1961 Retrofit of the old Austragshäusel´s as Bögler celler as dance locale
1964 Construction of farmhouse as seat of the family with sauna area for guests
1965 Second chair lift to the Wiedersbergerhorn
1970 Construction of hotel with 25 guest rooms, hotel lobby and lobby pool
1980 another fire and rebuilding
1982 Inclusion in the group of Romantic Hotels, Wolfgang Pfaundler exposition: Photos in black/white "Alpbach as it used to be" - these photo are still hanging in the rooms
1982 First Shaman's Congress: Meeting of international natural healing practicioners, together with international scientists like Fidjof Capra, Michael Harner, Pater Steindl and others
1983 Visit of the Dalai Lama and Indira Ghandi to the Böglerhof at various conferences.
1984 Remodel of the kitchen operation and modernizing of the Food & Beverage area
1988 Gondola construction - replaced the old chair lifts
1989 Separation of management of the Congress Hall from the Böglerhof and creating of our own conference area in the Fichtensaal
1990 Building of the Schafalm – small conference room as alternative to the Fichtensaal, in the lower floor and underground link to the Bögler cellar
2001 Expansion of the wine cellar in the old Fugger cellar
2002 Building the Finnish wood block sauna in the garden plus remodeling of guest rooms
2003 Expansion of the Wellness area: Bögler´s Vitalquell with Fitness Center, cosmetics and massage areas, plus Movement Therapy
2005 Construction of outdoor swimming pool in the garden
2007 Addition of another 24 rooms, the new restaurant, underground garage and the relaxation garden. We and our guests believe that the Böglerhof has today attained its ideal size. However, we constantly endeavor to carry out renovation and quality improvements. And this will continue! The most important thing for us is that we can offer you a lovely and stylistic environment where you will really feel great!

Now as before to the conferences many interesting personalities come to Alpbach from all over the world such as Sir Karl Popper, Erwin Schrödinger, Sir John Eccles, Konrad Lorenz, Arthur Köstler, Helmut Kohl, Mr. Ban Ki Moon among many others.

Family dates

In 1933 Alfons Mosel acquired the old, dilapidated Böglerwirt in Alpbach at auction. Alfons Moser soon brought over a few entrepreneurial Brits to Alpbach - and suddenly the village was international. Alfons Moser became mayor and was responsible, among other things, for the consistent building code of Alpbach. After him, his daughter, Karin Duftner, managed the Böglerhof, and now with Michaela and Johannes Duftner, this is the third generation of the Duftner family to manage the Böglerhof. They and their team are striving to bring you a lot of happiness and a lovely holiday time.

Family daten

1933 Alfons Moser acquires the Böglerhof
1939 Alfons and Maria Moser move from Jenbach to Alpbach
1945 Alfons Moser is elected mayor, implements the Construction Code and timbered building style of the Alpbach houses.
1973 Death of Maria Moser (wife of Alfons)
1974 Alfons Moser marries Helene
1979 Death of Alfons Moser, ownership assumed by Karin, married to Hans Duftner, Goldsmith and Jeweler in Innsbruck 3 children: Katja, Johannes and Maria
1985 severe auto accident by Hans Duftner – since paralyzed
Johannes begins culinary study in Lech in Arlberg Subsequent employment in USA
1987 Dissolution of the Goldsmith and Jewelry business of Hans Duftner in Innsbruck
1990-1993 Katja moves to Munich. First: Completes Goldsmith training in Innsbruck, Studies in Pforzheim and London, Graduation as Master of Arts at the Fine Arts Academy in Vienna. Katja is since living in Munich and has held many prizes and exhibitions
1990 Johannes returns from USA and takes over the Food & Beverage service at the Böglerhof and then later management of the Böglerhof cellar, and at that time met his future wife, Michaela
1995 Birth of Julia Duftner – daughter of Michaela and Johannes
1997 Birth of Alexander Duftner – son of Michaela and Johannes
1998 Johannes and Michaela Duftner take over management of the business, Karin Duftner retains ownership of the farm and the cable car and moves in year 2000 to Innsbruck.
1999 Death of Hans Duftner
2001 Death of Helene Moser
2001 Wedding of Johannes and Michaela
2003 Maria finally moves to Vienna, study of Politology - awarded title of Mag. Phil.

Moving photos of our history

Well-known personalities in the Böglerhof
Indira Gandhi visited the Böglerhof in 1983
European Forum Alpbach
Politicians in discussion in our hotel lobby
Forum Alpbach
Reception at the Forum Alpbach
Agriculture in the Alpbach
Farmer watching the goats
A loving couple at the Romantic Hotell Böglerhof
Enamored couple outside the Hotel
Nostalgic Böglerhof
old room door in the Böglerhof
Nostalgic photos, Alpbach
Men sitting in front of the parish church, Alpbach
Personalities at the  Böglerhof
Dalai Lama visited the Böglerhof in 1983
Romantic hotel Böglerhof
Romantic hotel Böglerhof in 1936
Nostalgic photos, Böglerhof

Hotel Böglerhof . Familie Duftner . Nr. 166, 6236 Alpbach, Österreich . Phone +43 5336 5227 . Fax +43 5336 5227 402