our hotel chapel as a place of peace and quiet

The area of the Böglerhof enchants with many naturally grown, quiet retreats.  The nine-cornered chapel of the world religions breathes an atmosphere of meditative peace and is at the same time a place of power to recharge your batteries during your pampering holiday in the Alpbach Valley.

This place of silence was initiated by the former owner of the Böglerhof, Karin Duftner. The chapel is idyllically situated in the extensive garden, between the Hotel Böglerhof and the Congress Centrum im Alpbachtal and is open from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm.


modern devotional place and reading hut made of larch wood

The Hotel Böglerhof's chapel has a modern design with plenty of glass and wood. A real eye-catcher is the pointed wooden tower covered with larchwood tiles. The layout of the foundation corresponds to an enneagram whose origin goes back to the Babylonian culture and Pythagoras. Today the Enneagram plays an important role both in the humanities and in the economy.

The nine pillars of the enneagram represent the nine types of people, in the niches rest the various symbols of man-made religions. As a sign of life and divine energy, spring water bubbles in the centre of the chapel, which means a home for all religions.

The sculpture path, where sculptures represent "envy", "greed", "pride" and other deadly sins, connects the chapel with the "reading hut" - a quiet place for reflection and introspection.

For more information about our mountain chapel contact Karin Duftner by calling +43 680 1438039 or sending an e-mail to

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