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"It's the many small things that make a big difference!" That is something we hear again and again from our guests.

It is precisely this credo that drives us to make your stay something special. The feel-good ambience at the Böglerhof, together with our love for details and the personal touch in service, is something that guests from all over the world feel and appreciate.

We, the Duftner family and our employees, live hospitality and tradition in the third generation in conviction. The Böglerhof, steeped in history, has been deeply rooted in the village life as a place of encounter and hospitality.

We stand for enthusiasm and passion as well as for a successful combination of tradition and modernity. Our close connection to nature gives us the strength and motivation to be more than just a holiday resort for our guests. We are happy to share this power place with our guests.

Your special holiday destination - our gift to you.

History at the Böglerhof

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The Böglerhof takes its name from the bowmaker who once had his workshop here. Part of the Fugger family empire, the house became a miners' court in the 15th century. Our spacious wine cellar and the rustic Fuggerstube date from these silver times of the Alpbach valley. When the silver was finally imported and the miners moved away, the "Bögler" became an inn.

In 1809 Andreas Hofer wrote a letter to Mr. Pögler in Alpbach inviting the people of Alpbach to join the fight - this letter is still carefully guarded at the Böglerhof today.

In 1933 the young wine merchant Alfons Moser bought the Böglerhof by auction. Alfons Moser thus moved to Alpbach, was mayor of the village for many years and was responsible for the uniform Alpbach building regulations. Until his death in 1979 he was the landlord of the Böglerhof and managed it together with his wife Maria and her sister Helene Moser.

Karin Duftner, the daughter of Alfons Moser, took over the Böglerhof in 1979. She managed the Böglerhof until 1998 and has carried out many quality and structural improvements during these years. In 1998 she handed over the management to her son Johannes with his wife Michaela Duftner. Karin Duftner is still very active: due to her great love of animals, a dog zone is created, furthermore she implements many projects in the agricultural sector. Art is one of her great concerns and so a Chapel of the World Religions, a sculpture path and the Reading Room of the World Religions have already been created under her supervision. 

Many interesting personalities from all over the world still come to Alpbach and the Böglerhof every year, such as Sir Karl Popper, Erwin Schrödinger, Sir John Eccles, Konrad Lorenz, Arthur Köstler, Helmut Kohl, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, Catherine Ashton or the former Federal President Dr. Heinz Fischer. 

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