We live & love sustainability at the pure nature resort the Böglerhof

Green Friday

We know how important it is to protect what is really valuable. That is why we are very grateful that there is a lot of natural landscape around the Böglerhof: our beautiful gardens and the spacious fields behind the house. This space reveals relaxing places of well-being and creates space for many exciting activities. We want to keep it that way in the future. That is why we maintain where necessary, but otherwise preserve the natural character of the meadows, fields and woods.

On Green Friday, it’s all about nature, regionality and sustainability. Grass & green, that's how we feel about this day!

The landscape in the Alpbach Valley is inspiring and real. Wonderfully colourful and fragrant. So it's best to start your discovery tour directly from the Böglerhof. Maybe you'll leave the car in our garage today?
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Austrian Ecolabel

We are pleased that you have chosen our enterprise, which has been awarded our national Ecolabel.

With your decision you show that you also attach importance to a reasonable way of dealing with our bases of life. We have taken a pledge to comply with numerous stringent criteria and let us be checked by independent bodies.


  • We produce our own electricity from solar energy.
  • Cooling systems and heat pumps provide energy recovery.
  • For the entire Böglerhof we have developed a sensible conservation concept for electricity and water consumption.
  • Heating is CO2 -neutral with pellets.
  • Selected natural materials, an optimized heating control and an excellent thermal insulation provide a pleasant room run and thus increase the comfort for our guests.





  • Again and again we plant new trees, we want to maintain diversity and biodiversity and also care for our little useful friends with birdhouses, birdbaths, squirrel feeding stations and bee hotels.
  • The meadows around the Böglerhof have recovered through careful, gentle cultivation and have been giving us many wildflowers and wild herbs again for years.



  • Our chefs focuse on light natural cuisine with regional products, short transport routes and reliable regional producers. We are particularly proud of our herb path, our herb garden and the unfertilized natural meadows belonging to the Böglerhof.
  • Our culinary and wild herbs are an important part of the award-winning Böglerhof cuisine. In his few free hours, Johannes Duftner pursues his passion of keeping chickens close to nature.
  • Conscious purchasing and consistent waste separation are important pillars of our waste management concept.




  • Of course, all employees are involved in our vision of sustainability.
  • Strategy development, enhancement and implementation as a team!



  • We have been awarded with the Austrian Eco-Label
  • We have been awarded with the "Bewusst Tirol" prize. 




  • When using cleaning agents, we pay attention to economy and the best possible environmental compatibility.
  • If you arrive by train, you will receive a free ride with the Regiobus to Alpbach with our booking confirmation, which you can then continue to use free of charge with your guest card.
  • It is a special concern of ours to support the local economy, for example by placing orders with local craftsmen and shopping in local stores.


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