Forest bathing

forest dives are good for everyone!

Scientific studies show that forest bathing has an exremely positive effect on the human organism:

  • forest activates the "nerve of calm"; this brings us relaxation relatively quickly, serves the healing of organs and the regeneration of cells
  • strengthens the immune system and the defences
  • promotes stress reduction and serves as a burn-out prevention. Assists to relief respiration problems.
  • has a soothing effect on breathing difficulties
  • and is simply and touchingly beautiful

300-year-old trees, the morning sun sparkles between the needles, a bird's feather on fresh moss, the chirping of birds, lots of green, listening to his breath: simply more perception again - this too is strengthened by forest bathing and is good for you.

Forest dives take place twice a week in summer around our Schafalm. Dive in with our host Mrs. Duftner and enjoy the beneficial aspects as well as the wonderful peace and relaxation.

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