Our Library

for literature and relaxation lovers

During your gourmet holiday you will discover new worlds every day. And you don't even have to leave the Böglerhof. For relaxing days off and relaxing evenings - Michaela Duftner's hobbyhorse - our stylish and cosy book lounge is waiting for you.

If you want or need to work, this is the perfect place for you. Here you will find peace, a fantastic view and a wonderful atmosphere.

Our library invites you to adventures in your head or refreshing reading pleasure!

  • Leave your books at home - our library is well stocked with high quality, new books on various topics: "Good Sleeping-reading", detective stories, biographies, (historical) novels, art and culture, "Spirit-happiness", hiking and flower guides...
  • Enjoy leisure hours with literary inspiration.
  • Relax at this place of rest and recreation with a wonderful view and open fireplace.
  • Carefully selected, comfortable furniture and really good lighting enhance the pleasure of reading.
  • Current newspapers and magazines keep you up to date.
  • Give yourself this reading break as a gift!
The Library you
 wish you always had

reading on holiday is wellness for the mind

Not only book lovers are attracted to our "reading wellness room".

The inviting atmosphere of our library lounge is a natural part of the pleasure of reading. Since we ourselves have a great passion for books, we offer our guests the perfect environment for their exquisite time out.

Welcome to the Böglerhof library

A brand new literary adventure every day!
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