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Slow. Conscious. Mindful.

Happiness is home-made – or rather: Bögler-made. Together, we’ll find the perfect treatment for you. Take time for yourself and enjoy the moment. We’ll create a well-being programme specially tailored to you. All that counts: the here and now. We’ll take care of the rest.

Beauty treatments
Partial massage 25 min.

Dedicated to your problem zones (legs or back)

from €42.00
Manicure with nail polish 55 min.

For soft and supple hands

from €55.00
Facial Treatment 50 min. according to Pharmos Natur method

Face, neck and décolleté treatment

from €89.00
Pedicure with nail polish 55 min.

For soft and supple feet

from €59.00
Intense neck and shoulder treatment 25 min.

Addresses to your indiviudal neck and shoulder problems. We treat your sore areas with different massage techniques.

from €45.00
Full-body cupping 45 min.

The muscles are stimulated by the cupping, our body hast to work against this irritation. This releases our own healing powers.

from €79.00
Foot reflexology 35 min.

All organs are connected with our feet through nerves. Trough reflexology our organs are influenced positively.

from €59.00
Mud Pack 25 min.

Relaxing, loosens up the muscels and is an ideal perparation for a massage

from €34.00
Detox Bath 25 min.

Excess acids and deposits can be "bathed away" via the mineral alkaline bath. Congested tissue fluids can be released and drained from the body.

from €29.00
Detox Salt Scrub 30 min.

With a mixture of seasalt and nourishing oils

from €39.00
Manual lymphatic drainage 25 min.

This soft massage technique stimulates the lymphatic circulation, is detoxifying, relaxing, regenerates and strengthens the immune system.

from €64.00
Hot stone massage 55 min.

Smooth meridian full body massage with selected natural oils and wam lava stones from Arizona.

from €79.00
Lomi Lomi Nui 75 min.

This queen of massages is based on the Huna philosophy and connects body, mind and soul with uncomplicated clarity. Lomi Lomi Nui frees deeps layers of the body from stress, anxiety and tension. This stirs joy and a new lust for life.

from €125.00
Fully body massage "L" - 80 min

A relaxing massage from head to foot - an abolutly enjoyment.

from €119.00
Facial treatment 110min after the Pharmos Nature Methode

Entschleunigende Fußkompressen, harmonisierende Fußmassage, Gesicht-
Hals-Dekolleté-Behandlung, Schulter-Nacken-Arm-Massage -

from €159.00
Full body massage 55 min.

An activating and relaxing masssage for the legs, back and arms.

from €77.00

Gentle beauty treatments – only the best for you!

30 years of experience as an independent medical specialist, endless passion for aesthetic medicine: May we present? Dr. Ludwig Radinger. Established expertise and sincere empathy – together with Dr. Radinger, you will find the optimal treatment. The results will delight you, promise!

Your tailor-made treatment in Alpbach
Your tailor-made treatment in Alpbach
Your tailor-made treatment in Alpbach

Individual, professional, honest

Dr. Radinger attaches great importance to detailed consultation and competent treatment. For a professional and personal consultation, make an appointment with our Vitalquell team on +43 5336 5227 or

Wrinkle treatment with Botox

Botox is mainly used to reduce or eliminate expression lines of varying degrees. These include, above all, the wrinkles in the upper third of the face, such as frown lines and forehead wrinkles, as well as laugh lines.

Hyaluronic treatment for supple skin

The hyaluronic acid used for this treatment is a micro-bacterially produced product that infuses your skin with new volume for a healthy and youthful look. A great way to treat volume loss.

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