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Der Böglerhof: your spa hotel in Austria
Der Böglerhof: your spa hotel in Austria
Der Böglerhof: your spa hotel in Austria
Der Böglerhof: your spa hotel in Austria
Der Böglerhof: your spa hotel in Austria
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Time that rewards you. At our spa hotel in Austria.

The best days are the ones spent doing nothing – except taking your time. And nowhere is that as easy as in our Family spa. On to new vitality with invigorating infusions. On to more zest for life with tailor-made treatments. On to carefree moments in the pool – mountain view included. Make your natural beauty shine here in Austria. In the spa of our hotel in the mountains. After all, you deserve it.

Der Böglerhof: your spa hotel in Austria

Our spa hotel in Austria makes your soul happy

Breathe. Relax. Enjoy. Repeat. Or, as we Tyroleans would say:
Schnaufn. Roschtn. Geniaßn.

This is what awaits you:

  • Healing saltwater steam bath (approx. 50°C)
  • Soothing Finnish sauna (90-95°C)
  • Aromatic bio herb sauna (60-65°C)
  • Invigorating aroma steam bath (40-50°C)
  • Immune-boosting infrared cabin
  • Sunbed for “sun-kissed” skin
  • And for moments of refreshment: waterfall with cool spring water from Gratlspitz
Der Böglerhof: your spa hotel in Austria


We think: It’s better to swim in our pool than in work. So: Leave everyday life behind and head to our Alpbachtal region!

Our luxury spa hotel in Austria has something for you – and that is:

  • An indoor pool connected to the outdoor pool heated to approx. 32 degrees all year round, with nature views and whirlpool loungers
  • A large natural pool with heated outdoor pool and amazing mountain view for adults only (from winter 2023/24)
  • A panoramic garden with sunbathing lawn, mountain view, premium relaxation loungers, and barefoot path
  • A cosy relaxation room with waterbeds in traditional wooden Alpbach style
  • Refreshments, snacks, and treats from our fruit and vitality bar
  • Power workouts in our fitness area .
  • Exciting tennis matches on our panoramic clay court
Der Böglerhof: your spa hotel in Austria

We make you sweat.

Whether saltwater steam bath, Finnish sauna, bio herb sauna, aroma steam bath, or infrared cabin – visiting our sauna oasis is incredibly relaxing. Why? The alternating low and high heath, the water steam, and the essential oils help you forget about everyday life. You’re enveloped by pure bliss and well-being as you lose yourself in cosy warmth. Muscles loosen, and the soul finds peace. Wellness in Alpbachtal is truly heavenly. A sauna session ins’t just a treat for the soul; it also works wonders for your health. It boosts both blood circulation and the immune system. Plus, sweating helps cleanse your pores, leaving your skin supple, smooth, and glowing.

For the entire family: wellness in Austria

Are you longing for a holiday at a spa hotel in Austria that delights both young and old? Then you are in the right place at Der Böglerhof. Indulge in the soothing embrace of our luxurious spa facilities, where refreshing pools, heartwarming saunas, bubbling whirlpool loungers, and rejuvenating treatments await. Let the tension melt away as you bask in pure bliss, surrounded by panoramic views of the majestic Tyrolean mountains. Our expert spa team is dedicated to pampering you from head to toe, leaving both you and your little ones feeling refreshed and revitalised.

A spa in Austria for the little ones

Wellness is only for adults? Far from it! Der Böglerhof, our spa hotel in Austria, is the perfect retreat for the entire family. In fact, children are more than welcome to visit our spa in Austria. In the brine steam bath (approx. 50 °C) and in the aroma steam bath (40-50 °C), children and teens can experience the gentle effect of the heat. Those a little more experienced can also sweat it out in our Finnish sauna (90-95 °C) and the organic herbal sauna (60-65 °C). And if your little ones are longing for a little more pampering, our wellness hotel in Austria has a whole host of spa treatments [Treatments] aimed at kids and teens.

Did you know that ...

… you can use the spa of our hotel in Tyrol on your day of departure? This way, you can enjoy your stay in the Kitzbühel Alps a little while longer. When will we meet?

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New Böglerhof highlights:

  • Eight new well-being suites, including four luxury penthouses with balcony and sensational view
  • Large natural pool with heated outdoor pool and amazing mountain view (adults only)
  • New relaxation room for unforgettable moments (adults only)
  • New treatments and top spa services in well-equipped spa cabins