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Deluxe relaxation at the ****S Hotel Böglerhof

There are few things better than a massage on holiday with spectacular views of the Alpbachtal Valley. Our massage and beauty experts at the Vitalquell Spa offer a range of classic massages and exclusive facial treatments to help you get away from it all for a few hours and find your inner balance.

TIP! We recommend our Lomi Lomi Nui massage. These massages are specially designed to release blocked energy. The best way to prepare for a Thai yoga massage is with a visit to our infrared cabin, with a fango pack or by taking a stone oil bath.

Let our massage experts take you on a journey into a world of enchanting aromas and total relaxation.

Classical Full Body Massage (ca. 55min)

Using multiple fingertip touch, this relaxing massage loosens, activates and tightens the muscles, the body, tissues and makes the whole person feel great.

Partial massage (ca. 25min)

Classical massage of problem zones.

Aroma oil massage (ca. 45min)

Let yourself be swept away in this gentle and restorative massage into the ream of fragrances using different etheric oils and essences - well-being for body and spirit.

Sport massage (ca. 25min)

This massage is specifically intended for your back or leg musculature - ideal for relaxing after a hike or skiing.

Personal Massage (ca. 55min)

Intensive, individualized treatment of your problem areas using various techniques.

These treatments concentrate on the body's muscles and physiology.

Stay healthy

Being healthy is much more than just not being ill. Instead, it is the feeling of physical and mental wellness - the most important pre-condition for a long, happy and fulfilling life. Therapeutic treatments at the Hotel Bergland focus on mental strength for a balanced daily life, the ability to perform to the best of our ability and a radiant, healthy appearance. Speak to a member of our team for more information.

Intensive Neck and shoulder treatment (ca. 35min)

Intensive treatment of problem areas in back and neck region. Using different techniques we provide individual relief of your painful zones.

We recommend 3 treatments Euro 119,00

Medicinal Massage (ca. 35min)

Everyday life requires a lot of effort and often results in poor posture and unilateral stresses; this massage acts specifically on your physical complaints to attain a lasting improvement

We recommend 3 treatments Euro 119,00

Manual lymphatic drainage (50min)

This gentle massage technique is used primarily to remove tissue fluids through the lymph system. Acts to eliminate water, relieve blockage and strengthen the immune system. Ideal after operations, to relieve muscle stiffness, sprains and pulled muscles.

Let us pamper you from head to toe.

Enjoy gentle massage techniques, high-quality products and Thai healing methods. As part of our deluxe packages we also offer guests a bonus which is not available for individual treatments.

Ear candling treatment (ca. 40min)

An old natural healing method of the Hopi Indians produces a liberating feeling for head and ears, good against colds.

Head Massage (ca. 15min)

This massages works against disruptions in concentration, tension in the body, acts to stimulate the organism and assists against migraines. You will feel strength and energy again and the treatment will active self-healing.

Foot reflex zone massage (ca. 45min)

The entire organism is connected to the feet through numerous nerve strands and is positively affected by this massage of the reflex zones (stimulated or calm).

Pinda Sveda (ca. 50min)

Sveda means sweating and helps the body burn and eliminate wastes. This is a full massage using two heated herbal stamps filled with ginger, mustard oil and curcuma. The effect proceeds from the treated area onto the entire organism and provides both mental and physical relief and relaxation. This treatment is highly recommended for reducing fatty pads and tightening the skin (especially in the abdominal area), and for stretch marks and cellulite.

Asian Hot Stone Massage (ca. 55min)

Gentle meridian whole-body massage with selected premium natural oils and hot lava stones from Arizona ... the well-being wonder - Total relaxation.


  • minimum 18 years
  • about 15 minutes

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Contact the team at the Vitalquell Spa today to make an appointment by calling +43 5336 5227. Our experts will also be happy to provide ideas and advice on the best treatment for your needs. Please let us know if you wish to change the appointment.

Treatments can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours before the appointment. Cancellations made at shorter notice will be subject to a charge totalling 50% of the treatment price. Thank you for your understanding.



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