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Massages in Der Böglerhof

Relaxation in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps

Finally time to forget time

Experience the serenity of relaxation during your holiday in Tyrol – with a soothing spa treatment at Der Böglerhof.

Surrounded by the majestic beauty of the Tyrolean Alps, we present you with a true oasis of contentment at the pure nature resort Der Böglerhof. Immerse yourself in the quiet harmonies of our peaceful refuge, where deep massages not only relieve tension, but also usher in a divine journey to inner peace and well-being.

Our skilled team of spa experts will pamper your body and soul, allowing your mind to surrender to the blissful tranquillity. From the traditional embrace of a “Lomi Lomi Nui” massage to the healing rhythms of the “Cranio Sacral” massage, from the enchanting scents of the aromatic oil massage to the comforting effect of a massage for expectant mothers – at Der Böglerhof, every touch is an affirmation of love to your tired muscles.

And the best? For us, gratification is home-made – or better said, Böglerhof-made. Together we will find the ideal treatment for you and your individual needs. Because at Der Böglerhof, we not only value our unrivalled service, but we also take pride in creating a tailor-made experience for every single one of our guests. You will emerge feeling refreshed, reenergised and renewed. Our devoted spa team is at hand to ensure that your holistic sojourn is calming, soothing and thoroughly gratifying.

So when the evening sun stretches over the peaks and bathes the mountain panorama in golden light, there’s no better sensation than giving way to the euphoric zen of a complete body decompression. Rest assured these transcendental moments will be abundantly fulfilled by our dedicated and attentive spa specialists. Aromatherapy and warm oils exude a rapturous fragrance, while skilled hands deliver an indulgent remedy to your skin. You’ll feel a calming unity as your senses and body align.

Immerse yourself in the harmonious balance of well-being and experience how a visit to Alpbachtal opens your heart. Welcome to Der Böglerhof, where your gratification is not just a promise, but our craft.

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New Böglerhof highlights:

  • Eight new well-being suites, including four luxury penthouses with balcony and sensational view
  • Large natural pool with heated outdoor pool and amazing mountain view (adults only)
  • New relaxation room for unforgettable moments (adults only)
  • New treatments and top spa services in well-equipped spa cabins