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Swimming is good for you.

Swimming fun for all ages

Swimming in the pool is better than drowning in work!

Our swimming pool, which is heated all year round, offers the entire family a relaxing swim.

Are you currently up to your ears in work, and your children desperately need a break, too? When you’re tempted to stick your head in the sand and hide, why not choose water instead? Swimming does body, mind, and soul a world of good. Whether you prefer the crawl, breaststroke, backstroke, or dolphin, this sport strengthens the heart, boosts the circulation, and makes your muscles stronger, too. At the same time, swimming is gentle on the joints and helps relieve muscular tension. Children especially love splashing around and having fun in the water. Your body feels gloriously light and produces happiness hormones like serotonin and dopamine – leaving you feeling free and revitalised.

Here at Der Böglerhof, the indoor and outdoor pools are connected and offer stunning views of nature. We heat the water to a pleasant 32°C all year round. Another plus here at one of the most romantic hotels in Austria is our whirlpool loungers, where you can immerse yourself in relaxation during a water massage.

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Direct booking benefits
  • Free early check-in from 10:30am on day of arrival (without room occupancy)
  • Complimentary late check-out until 18:00 on the day of departure, including use of the spa area, underground parking, spa bag, bathrobes and afternoon snack. (without room occupancy)
  • Guaranteed room category at the best rate worldwide